4 Tips On How To Win Love Back With Common Sense

How To Win Love Back With Common Sense
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You cannot win love back by stalking your ex or sending some gifts and flowers. How sweet of you of course but it just never works that way. You need to be smart and prudent in your judgment.Do not let love replace your common sense by allowing how you feel about someone impair your ability to see that person for what they truly are. Below are some tips on how to win your lost love back with common sense:

  1. Do not try to change your partner

Do not try so hard to change your partner’s character or personality in any way. Let them be who they are. It is a more natural version of themselves. You should also not let your partner try to change you into someone you are not. Everybody wishes to find a partner of certain qualities, but no one is perfect, common sense should tell you that so you can never find a person of your desired qualities exclusively, they will always have ups and downs. Embrace them for what they really are.

  1. Do not depend on your partner to meet all your needs
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Your partner should not be your source of income. You are his partner, not his project or your sole financial responsibility. If you need to win your love back, try to be more depended on yourself than your partner. You might have been dumped maybe because you were straining your partner financially and he or she could not handle your financial demands. Once you work on this, things will work out just fine.

  1. Win his or her heart back

Trust is like glass, once broken, it is hard to put together the broken pieces. Your partner may want to break up with you maybe because he or she is feeling neglected, ignored or taken for granted. The worst part about this is that you will fall apart and it is definitely the heart which suffers the most. Finding true love is never easy, you may be deeply in love with someone but you are not sure if that person feels the same way about you. When you win the heart of someone, you become sure about how they truly feel about you. It is a good feeling when you know you have someone’s heart.

  1. Do a self-reflection

After breaking up, you will obviously be upset, heartbroken or just feeling empty. It is normal. You need to take your time and figure out what you really want and if it is good for you or not. Do you love your partner and do you want to continue this affair or not. Do not go back begging your partner just because you feel lonely or broken inside, you will just look desperate. Take ample time to work on yourself before doing something that you might end up regretting later.

What Should I Tell My Date About Me?

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It’s a pretty solid question. The best piece of advice anyone could give your regarding the dating front is that don’t talk too much about yourself. Let the other person reveal their interests, their hobbies, their past life, and so on.

However, the same goes for you. They won’t expect to talk about themselves the whole time, and the moment will finally come when they pop the golden question, ‘So, tell me about yourself,’ and the last thing you want is to start filtering out everything for what you should tell them, or worse, tell them something you aren’t supposed to.

1) Do You Have Kids? Let Them Know.

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Some people are simply uncomfortable around kids and the mere mention of the word sends ripples of terror across their faces while others are completely delighted at the thought. Let the information float in the air early enough just to get it out of the way.

If you’re the brave kind, you might as well float it even if you don’t really have any kids, just to see the horror in their faces and how it slowly melts away. You aren’t that evil though, are you?

2) A Criminal Record

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It’s a sensitive topic but if, t any time, you’ve been in jail for one reason or another, it’s something you want to get out the way as soon as possible.

It’s pretty crucial information and the sooner you come out with it, the less problems it bring you later on, assuming you’re a changed person and they are willing to overlook it. If they aren’t willing to forget the thing you did in your past (and we’ve all done some pretty stupid things, that much I’m sure), they probably aren’t worth your time in the first place.

3) Some Family History

Sure, family presents various opportunities for some great conversations, but that shouldn’t be the backbone of everything. As much as it matters, you don’t want to go too much into detail about a rogue brother who’s spending life in prison for attempting to overthrow the government.

4) Your Hobbies

This should be a dead giveaway, and probably the first thing you should even think about when this imminent question is asked. If you have anything in particular you like to do – basketball, swimming, tennis, it’s worthwhile to let them know. However, if they are clearly not into politics, for instance, leave that topic be.

5) Past Experiences

The one and perhaps only golden rule guiding a good conversation is that the other person has to find it interesting. Watch for their expressions as you tell them about yourself to better weigh which experience would be better to share about yourself.

So you’ve been to the top of Mount Everest, but she prefers to stay at home with her cats. Clearly no rapport there, moving on. Explore the possibilities until you both settle on something you both find agreeable and attack it to exhaustion.

How Will I Ever Survive After Being Dumped?

love pain after dumpingIt’s true that getting dumped hurts when you anticipated for it or it came out of the blues. Some people feel relieved that the relationship has ended but a majority of people in love who get dumped are traumatized, and they feel that they will never recover. The pain that comes with being dumped cannot be taken away by anyone, but you can learn how to cope with it, process it, and go through it by applying the following principles:

1) Don’t Insulate Yourself From Pain

Let yourself feel the pain of being duped. It is damn painful, but the only way to survive is to accept that it’s over and start the recovery process. The worst thing you can do to yourself after being dumped is to try and numb or push the pain away. Different people try to cope with being dumped in different ways such as getting drunk at a bar, while some other people will try to find solace in food. The worst thing is trying to pretend that everything is normal as this will only prolong the healing process. Trying to numb yourself is like tearing a bandage slowly from a wound and drawing it out. Doing this will just be increasing the pain in the long-run. Embrace the pain and let it flow through your veins. It is the only way to survive the breakup and reach the other side of a normal life.

2) Let It Go

Do not hold on to the anger that came about due to the breakup. Yeah! I know it sounds like a paradox. Being angry with your ex or blaming them for dumping you will do you no good. In fact, what you want is vindication. The worst mistake you can make is to confront your ex with a list of their wrongdoing. This will lead to you upsetting them even the more, in which case you will achieve nothing, they do not care, and you will end up looking like a fool. Re-contextualizing your pain is the only way you will be able to survive the breakup. Instead of saying you are hurt, say you feel hurt. In simple words feel your feels.

3) Channel It Somewhere Else

Channeling your pain, frustrations, or anger to something productive is also a healing process. Don’t channel the energy that comes from being dumped into something that will not be of use to you. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift have built their entire career singing songs of her being dumped. Kevin Smith’s movie “Chasing Army” was created out of his broken relationship with Joey Lauren Adams. Engaging your energy in a productive way is far much better and healthier than stewing in your resentment.

4) Have Closure With Yourself

Have Closure With YourselfFinally, do not ask your ex to meet up so that you can get answers why he ended the relationship. Your ex-fiancé doesn’t you any explanation for him or her dumping you. Call yourself for a meeting and figure out your role of why things ended. Accept that after a breakup, there are always untidy and messy threads and move on.

I Am Still In Love With My Ex But My Ex Isn’t

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It can be hard to get over your ex, especially when you have done a lot together that is so hard to forget just like that and move on. Love is the most complicated of all emotions, am sure most of us will agree. It is so hard to get over someone you love especially if they are the ones who decided to end the relationship. It is even more hurting if your ex has already moved on and looks happy, something you will not wish even on your worst enemy. What should you do if you love your ex but your ex does not feel the same way?

1) Accept Reality

It may look like a nightmare sometimes, for love to survive, there must be two people involved, so if one decides to quit, accept what has happened and stop waiting or wishing for what could never have been. Forgetting the memories you shared won’t be easy but sometimes you need to let go what was never meant to be. That is the only way you will move on.

2) Cut Off Communication

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Unless you have children or you are business partners, you should cut off contact with your ex, it would probably be nice if you want to move on because if you do not, you may end up finding yourself dialing your ex number every time they cross your mind, this would be unhealthy for you. You may choose to be friendly, you do not necessarily need to be rude, but if you choose to be friends with your ex, while he or she has moved on and you still love him or her, you would be lying to yourself.

3) Talk To Someone About It

It has been awhile since you broke up and you are still listening to break up songs, stress eating and crying yourself to sleep. It is okay to feel hurt but being silent is not going to help you. You should be vocal. Talk to someone you trust, your family or friends, at least they love and care about you and will want you to be happy. You can also seek professional advice, talk to a therapist and seek the right advice. Remember that it is not good to suffer in silence.

4) It Is Okay to Love

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Do not feel sorry for yourself, there is no need to regret. Nobody chooses their fate after all.  You did not get into the relationship knowing its outcome. So relax, what has happened has happened, appreciate the good and the bad you did together, laugh about it if possible and move on. Forget what could not be changed and work on yourself, be free and happy. Moving on from your ex does not have to be physics.

5) Love Yourself

Some of us may feel low and not loved when we see our ex moving on with someone else. Cheer up for God’s sake, there are a bunch of better people out there dying to date you. So dress up, have fun, go out, dance and interact with people of the opposite sex. You will find someone much better than your ex, trust me.

Your Moving On The Break Up Is Over

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Breakups aren’t easy, in fact, the only part of a relationship that’s harder than starting it and keeping it together is breaking it apart after you’ve invested so much time, effort and perhaps even money to it. Breaking apart is distorting. Everywhere you go, everything you do seems to remind you of her and you just wish you could go back to the good old days when everything was lush and green. If you’re in this state, there’s only one thing left to do: wake up.

Admittedly, this is the hardest part of it all. It’s like those times you’ve been working so hard as soon as you get home, you just fall into bed and you fall asleep. The sleep that follows is so great and the dreams likewise you’re unable to tell it’s a dream until you finally wake up and it hits you. You’ll want to go back to sleep and continue the dream where it left off, but there’s just no going back to it. What’s gone is gone.

  1. Cutting her off

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The first thing you need to do is to cut her off. Delete her number, clear out all the conversations and start living a life without her. One thing you must remember is the golden rule of old conversations: do not keep screenshots. This just means a part of you is still cling onto the past.

It may be hard at fast because you definitely shared some good times, but even those have to go. She doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. You need to start on  clean slate.

  1. Do you

This can’t be stressed enough because there is literally no limit to how important this is going to be for you. If you’re the kind that’s used to lying around all day watching Netflix or goofing around with your pals on Battlefields 1, it’s time for some change.

Go out there and make yourself a better man. Enroll to  gym, find a hobby, make yourself feel like you have something to live for. Create physical strength and emotional balance will be much easier to muster.

  1. Don’t do her

bonding a womanGoing back to the good old days may be tempting, not only for you, but also her. If you went out of your way to make yourself a better man, for your own good, anything could happen. You bump into her and suddenly, boom, she wants you back or the other way around.

Don’t fall for it. Let it go. You already closed that chapter of your life. That door is closed and it would be best to let it remain that way.

  1. Know it is OK to still love them.

stay awayLove is a powerful bond, whether simply evolutionary or perhaps something more, we may never truly know. There are things that she did that you will absolutely miss, you totally want back, but sadly, those will have to remain in memory.

Even though you’ve cut off contact, made peace with the past and let go of her, there’s nothing much to do about your memory. Cherish the good times and learn from the hard times. That’s the only way progress can be made.

  1. Love yourself more.

Learning to live by yourself, trying to love yourself as much as the other person loved you is the hardest part of living in a three-dimensional world. Everyone deserves to be in a relationship that makes them a better person that builds the person they are. However, you are more important.

Never expect someone to treat you better than you treat yourself. Self-forgiveness and self-love are the most important traits of wholesomeness. Once you see how much you’re really worth, and that the love you have for yourself is primary to everything else, you’re finally ready for the final phase, self-acceptance: you’re not perfect, you understand it, and you’re OK with it.

How to Lock Lips on a Second Date

Lock Lips On A DateDo you know what to do on the first date so you get the chance to go on a second? Do you know how to lock lips on the second date and get another chance to go out with the person that you have liked from first sight? There are important things that you need to know if you need the locking lips and if you want to continue seeing that person.

How To Act Right On The First Date?

Acting right is important and is not just enough to be just yourself. Yes, you don’t need to over-estimate yourself and show to the other person like you are the best and make the other feels like is not enough for you. Being yourself and acting naturally is important, especially if you want to attract someone and see whether you will be accepted or not.

kissing loverAs a male, you need to be a gentleman and hold the chair if your date is in a restaurant. Also opening the car door is an important detail that every woman notices and if you skip this, for sure you have started wrong. Do not stare at the woman you have gone out with and do not make it so noticeable that you want to take her in bed from the first moment. Focus on her eyes and not on her body, this is important if you don’t want to make bad first impression. No woman wants to be stared at because anyone would feel awkward in a situation like this, especially if you are on a date with a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants. Show her that you can do more than that.

Make The Date 2-3 Hours Long

It is not needed to be on a date the whole day, or like 7-8 hours. 2-3 hours are enough to see if you will want a second date with that person. On the first date is early to talk about the family, personal information or commitment opinions since you just met. You need to walk slow and let the things go by their way.

Do Not Talk About Irrelevant And Stupid Things

Starting a conversation about your opinion that the world will end soon, or some other irrelevant topic will ruin the first date and you will never get the chance to go on a second, especially if you have liked the person a lot from the first time. Make the conversation funny and entertaining where both of you can have some good time together.

Do Not Give Too Much Compliments

ComplimentsGiving a lot of compliments to the woman is not recommended because the interest level will go down. The woman wants to wonder what is in your head and what you think about her, but she doesn’t want to be told that immediately on the first date. Keep it for the next date. Call her again after 5-9 days and ask her out again, do not do that the next day. She will be wondering whether you will call her or not in these 5-9 days and if she had some good time with you, she will say yes. And you have the second date.

What To Do On The Second Date?

Make her laugh, a lot. If she had a good time and she laughed a lot on the first date, she will definitely want to go out with you again. Keep the things slow and relaxed. Keep it funny and interesting and end the date after 2-3 hours, just like the first one. Walk her to the door and say bye, and only then go for the kiss. If she responds you, you have the next date.

Do Not Start Grabbing Soon

If you are on a first or second date with the woman, do not start touching or initiating some touches because most of the women dump the males that do this on the first or second date. If she wants to touch your arm while talking or she has done something to make it clear to you that she wants something, do not do anything even then. This is a sign that she likes you, so either you leave the date and do nothing, or ruins everything while start grabbing. The men that get in the women’s space too soon are too soon dumped.

Talking About Ex’s Is A Bad Choice

Do not talk on the second date on how disappointed you have been in your life and how your ex has hurt you so much that now you can’t easily trust anyone. The other person does not care whether you had 16 lovers or 2 that made you that way. Don’t tell too much personal information, especially about your feelings right now on the date because women also like to chase the guy and be in doubt whether the man liked them or not on the second date. Leave the things a little blurry and don’t be too much honest.

If you say for example that you have liked her from the first moment you saw her, and immediately say that the date is going on very well and that you would like to repeat it again sometimes, even if she says yes, that she is interested as well, the interest is lowered and she will think twice whether to go out with you again.

Speed Dating

speed datingAre you informed well with the tactics for speed dating and how to make the best date? Have you been on a blind date and haven’t found the right person? Are you disappointed from your dates until now and you don’t know what else to do or which date techniques to use in order to find the right person? Why don’t you try the speed dating? You might wonder now what this is. It is a fast dating that can be 3 or 8 minutes long where you get the chance to meet someone in a record time of minutes and form your first impression on whether you liked the person or not.

speed dating advantagesWhat is the speed dating?

It is an organized method to meet the potential partner, where the participants in this dating exchange information within a short time. This concept was made from Rabbi Yaaco Deyo of Aish Ha Torah who realized that this method is effective to meet single Jewish people who were minority in the large cities. The speed dating is translated as hurry dating or fast dating and occurred in 1998 for the first time in Beverley Hills. After an episode on Sex and the City show in 2000, this concept was used globally.

It is a less intimidating way to meet strangers in some place and is sage as well. You can meet a lot of new people, exchange opinions and increase the social circle. In one event you can meet approximately 25 people, and all of them would be at the same age range as you.

How does it work?

The speed dating is an event where equal number of men and women take participation and can be organized in a bar, café or lounge. Everyone has a dating card and will be introduced by the first name, just for security purposes. Every person will have 3-8 minutes to talk with the other, depending on the company that organizes the event, and with the bell ring or glass, someone else will come to you. You need to be punctual at the date if you want to see some results, because most of the companies will cancel you if they see that you are late.

What you need to wear?

The speed dating has the same principles as the regular dating, more or less, and also here you need to look good. The physical appearance is good as well and you need to make the outfit appropriate and choose something that you feel comfortable in. The women is not recommended to wear some clothes that cover too much, natural makeup and haircut, and the men need to have clean hands since most of the women look at the hands first.

The first impression is important

You might need 4 seconds to make someone like you. By one research made in a University where the students were conducting an opinion about their classmates, they could predict the relationships that they would have between each other, and those options were to not speak again, ever, to be lovers or friends. The first impression is important, so you need to make sure that you look good and you act well.

If you want to make the good impression at the first time, you need to know what to say. Questions like “What do you think about my hair?” or “Do I look good in this?” will definitely make you look like someone with low self-confidence.

What to do?

First of all you need to introduce yourself. Then asking some simple questions will work. You can give some small compliments as long as you don’t sound like a freak. Next, make some funny joke and do not ask too much and make the other like it is on an interview. The goal is to date, so provide some good topics for conversation. The good thing is that you can have the same topics for conversation and use on all the partners that you will get, and by their answers or the flow of conversation you can see which one is your best match from the speed dating.

The body language is important, so do not make some movements that will scare the other and you will never see him/her again. If the girl is interested, she will sit with crossed legs and straight. If she runs the fingers through the hair is another sign. If the man is interested he will rub the nose, play with the hair, will start stroking the tie and will start flirting. Make sure you do not interpret these signs wrong.

What are the advantages of the Speed Dating?

It is a safe event where you can meet a large number of people and increase the social circle. You will not experience a face to face rejection since male and female have to interact during the time they have available.

You will not be stuck for too long with the other person, so if you didn’t like someone from the beginning, lucky you, you will spend only few minutes with that person.

The age range is appropriate and you will find other singles at approximately your age, you will have more dates for a price of one and you don’t have to dance in order to impress someone.

No need of pick-up lines.

What not to do?

Do not be late and disrespectful, do not consider the date as a job interview, do not give personal details, no asking for another date.



Relationship Advice For Men

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Men and women are different and think and act differently in a relationship. Understanding the woman that they are in a relationship with can be quite daunting for men. While some things may appear natural and obvious about relationships to women, the same things may prove quite challenging for men.

What does a man need to know about relationships in order to guarantee relationship its continuous existence? Perhaps this question is the pre-occupation of most men in a relationship.

Observe more than you listen

understand women
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Men sometimes get so exasperated trying to understand women. They say women are difficult to understand. They are articulate in anger but incoherent when it comes to stating what it is that they want in a relationship. Some say that a woman never forgets. She may say she is ok when she is not.

Non- verbal cues are powerful communicators.  Learning to read between the lines, observing the body language and understanding her emotions is a guarantee for a blissful and long lasting relationship.  Take time to learn her body language. Like most women take time to study your body language.

Be a provider

A woman needs to feel like you can take care of her psychological, social and even economic needs. Give that to her and show concern and provide for the children and she will adore you. Remember special anniversaries like birthdays, wedding anniversaries and together make it special. She will cherish you.

How often do you make time each week to take her for a special date or treat? Is your relationship developing into a boring monotony? Create room for something different to break the boredom. Find something different that can maintain that spark. Do not let your relationship deteriorate into an endless boring monotony.

Be Romantic

romantic women with man
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Getting a woman is not the end; it is the easy part. Maintaining the relationship is the herculean task. You need to make her feel loved and special more often. You can buy her gifts, cook dinner once in a while, take her to the movies, and buy her flowers. Do those little things that matter.

Romance will light up her face and warm the relationship. It will bring to life the embers whose glow was diminishing. Romance is the herald of love. It announces that there is a warm feeling of love in the air. Love makes you feel that you are walking on air. It lifts your spirit like nothing else.


Communication holds the key that can unlock the door to a blissful relationship. Be honest and observe moderation in your choice of words especially when you are angry. Communicate your love for her and help her understand that despite the years that have elapsed she is a special part of you.